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INNOCENTIA INVIOLATA stands for “unviolated innocence” or “pure strength”.

Together with various artists, Innocentia Inviolata has been exploring for over 10 years a pluridisciplinary a movement-theatre which focuses on the physical, emotional, social and political violence at stake behind Power, Feminine desire, Relationship between Women and Men…

Through a rigorous Training, physical and organic movement, Innocentia Inviolata creates movement/theatre pieces pregnant with artistic, provocative and sensorial challenges.

Innocentia Inviolata provides training events such as weekly Training classes, workshops and personal Coaching.

The company is present in Toulouse, Paris and New York and has been working on authors such as  Shakespeare, Sarah Kane, Céline Nogueira, Christopher Hampton, David Greig, Arthur Miller…

The company is made of artists who are also part of different projects and companies, and also invites guest professors such as Ron Burrus and Fay Simpson for specific training events.