Shows @Festival Universcènes

The english-speaking and University-based Compagnie ‘Les Soeurs Fatales’ (french for the Bard’s Weird Sisters), has entrusted Céline Nogueira/Innocentia Inviolata with the direction of 6 artistic projects so far.

During 5 months student-actors are trained and led to act in a professional-orientated play for the University Festival “Universcènes” at the Théâtre Sorano and La Fabrique.

JP-Maternity (the machine), Céline Nogueira (2017)

Katty 134 McDuff

Dunsinane, David Greig (2016)

The Crucible 2

The Crucible, A. Miller (2015)


Goodnight Desdemona, Goodmorning Juliet, A.M. MacDonald (2013)


The Talking Cure, Christopher Hampton (2010)


The UN Inspector, David Farr (2009)

Crowd Scenes, création collective & Textes multiples (2008)